Almost Four Years and 8100 miles

Jackson after a much needed bath!

I took delivery of my Sur Ron who I’ve named Jackson after the late Jackson Edwards. He convinced me to purchase mine sight unseen. Ordered in April of 2018 and was delivered to my home in July of 2018. An agonizing four month wait. To date I have had zero issues other than the initial brake sensors failing which I corrected immediately by removing them. Same battery since new and I was one of the lucky first 50 to get the original X controller. I started this site and became one of the admins for Luna’s Facebook group, but opted to leave FB due to their poor biz practices. Got tired of developing all of this site’s content for nothing so I no longer add content here but am paid to write for online sites about the SR and Zero DSR among other gear. Only stock parts left on Jackson are the frame, motor, battery, primary drive and belt, countershaft, swingarm and linkage, brake lines and calipers, battery cover and ignition. Oh yes and the handlebar stem.

Between my Zero DSR and the little SR all of my two wheel itches are completely scratched.

Fantastic bike and I’m very happy to have been an early adopter. Thanks Eric and Ashley and RIP Jackson, we all miss you dearly.