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Sur Ron Survey Results as of January 24 2020

January 24 2020

Thank you to those who continue to fill out my five question survey! As of this date I’ve had a whopping 69 males complete the survey and 1 female who ‘kinda’ completed the survey. It helps me to determine what information to put on this site. Keep in mind I am NOT a Sur Ron Retailer or Dealer, so keeping this site up to date with information of interest is just out of the goodness of my cold black heart! LOL

As of January 24 2020:

The most up to date results can be viewed here.

October 15 2019

Unfortunately not many of you have completed my little survey. I had hoped to obtain more results so I know what interests folks who visit here. So instead I’ll just continue to write about things that interest me about my bike!  The most up to date results can be viewed here.

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Disclaimer: I am not a Luna or Sur Ron employee or agent. I am an owner like everyone else.
There is no contact information on this site and I will not respond to email requests for information.
I will answer questions left in the comment areas when time permits.


  1. Old fucks like bees 😀

  2. I received my blue Sur Ron Christmas Special four days ago . Assembled with a bunch old cyclists here in Cambria Ca. They were all blown away by the quality , and so am I. This I thought would be a toy to take the place of the 2012 Boss 302 I had had for eight years .i used it as a track day car and did many mods. You know a lot of tweaking. So with an big empty garage I needed a project I have mountain biked for 25 years I still ride road bikes and mountain bikes , but I must say the SR is sooo much fun. I have already put some Diety high raise handle bars on it , Oury grips ,my favorite, a front fender, an just got a Fox 40 Elite Performance fort to be installed soon with a 21” wheel. I have access to some nice roads and trails here , but I am a aggressive rider these days. As I have just turned 72………. Its all about staying active and motivated ,,,,,, your site is excellent keep it up. Zale.

    • Zale, Merry Christmas to you! Nothing like Santa KNOWING what you want eh? Cambria is near and dear to my heart as I love the Central Coast of Cali. Pismo and Avila are my fav places to vacation. Yeah the quality is damn good and in my view the bike is overbuilt for what it can take. Damn near 3k miles so far and I just keep smiling. The 21er and new front forks made a huge difference for what and how I ride. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your mods.

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