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Replacing the subframe under cowl nylon fasteners

This explains how I replaced those damn plastic fasteners with threaded bolts and is available to site subscribers.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: I am not a Luna or Sur Ron employee or agent. I am an owner like everyone else.
There is no contact information on this site and I will not respond to email requests for information.
I will answer questions left in the comment areas when time permits.


  1. Great Info (as ALWAYS) Mark ! I have had the NON Pleasure of removing the seat 3 or 4 times. Every time at least one of these little plastic buggers has either popped off and skittered somewhere on the floor, requiring a long search for it, or pushed into the box frame, requiring gymnastic positions and swear word incantations I only save for my most special mechanical predicaments… My father gave me only the most rudimentary basic mechanical special swear words, but these little plastic doo hickies created, shall we say, a special mantra.

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