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Podcast with Seb Gagnon of Luna Cycle

Seb of Luna Cycle

Since I once worked as a manager in the Customer Service Department for Playstation, I know first hand the importance and pressures of assisting customers. So I decided to do a short Podcast with Seb of Luna to put a face to a name. Most of us simply know him through email and I wanted to introduce him simply as a fellow human being beyond letters on a screen. He not only supports the Sur Ron, but all other EV products at Luna.

Podcast recorded on October 15 2019


Table of Contents

Disclaimer: I am not a Luna or Sur Ron employee or agent. I am an owner like everyone else.
There is no contact information on this site and I will not respond to email requests for information.
I will answer questions left in the comment areas when time permits.


  1. Love those “Grip Donuts” but I hear they don’t last long, a “Duckie told me Mark eats them”

    • Um…err….gulp
      That’s exactly how it goes. (Ducky has a big mouth btw…)

  2. They better send you the stuff for birthday ….you are the best ambassador for that bike !

    • LOL thanks Andreas. I just write my own views of the bike in hopes it helps others decide if it may be right for them. It’s now hard to imagine my life without the Sur Ron because it’s so much fun.

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