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  • I'm worried I may be too large for the bike. What are your physical stats?
    I'm 5 foot 8 inches in height and my inseam is 31 inches. I weigh 180 in gear. I have no issues with the size of the bike and on the Facebook group where I was an admin there were plenty of folks who are much taller and heavier than me (6 feet and taller, 200 pounds or more) who have no issues riding the bike. I have raised the front of my custom seat because I like a level seat. You can read about that modification here.
  • Is there an email address for Sur Ron China?
  • What are the Sur Ron Specs like weight, chain length for sprockets, etc?
    Those can be found on my Specifications Page.
  • Sometimes my bike just cuts out and stops. What is causing this?
    When I first got my bike I'd be out in the middle of nowhere and suddenly the bike would just quit. What I discovered as many others have found is it was one of the sensors. In my case it was the brake sensor.
    One of the two brake sensors I removed from the bike.
    The white material I used to plug the hole where the brake sensor resides. All sensors are joined under the key ignition housing.
    Sometimes it's the tilt sensor which shuts off the bike in the event you've fallen over. Or it could be the kickstand sensor which prevents the bike from running if the kickstand is down. There is also a sensor on the throttle located at the opposite end of the cable that attaches at the handlebar. If it is not any of those sensors you could have something more serious like a bad BMS (Battery Management System) so check with the distributor where you bought your bike.
  • My bike won't go over 28 MPH in Sport mode
    In the beginning Sur Ron delivered their bikes with the green/black wires cut. This prevented the bike from going over that speed even in Sport Mode. Later they delivered the bikes with the green/black wires ATTACHED to keep the bike to that speed! Who knows why the change?
    • So IF you bike has the green/black wires cut and you didn't do that, nor did the previous owner, then simply connect them and you should be good to go.
    • If the green/black wires are connected and the bike is still a slowski, cut the wires and you should be good.
    Crazy I know!
  • OH $HIT, my primary belt broke! How do I replace it?
    Yeah that's a tough thing. Here is a video that shows you how to change your primary drive belt. (The music ain't great, but that isn't why we watch the video.) I also have a page dedicated to how to change your belt drive. That page can be located here. And if you're interested in converting your belt to a chain here is where you can purchase that kit: SUR-RON LBX PRIMARY TRANSMISSION CHAIN CONVERSION KIT
  • My battery is dead and it won't take a charge
    Yep sometimes that happens when you've completely drained your battery. Here is a great video created by my friend Matt about how to jump start your charging.
  • How far can you go on a charge? How long does it take to charge the bike?
    By asking the question about how far you can go on a charge, it would be like someone asking you: How long do you think it will take that person over there to run up that path? Some clarifying questions you would then ask:
    • How much does the person weigh?
    • Are there any hills on that path?
    • Is the path smooth or rutted?
    • Is it sandy or full of mud?
    • How much is pavement versus just dirt?
    • Is there a headwind or tailwind?
    Now you get the picture.... So for me in Sport Mode I can ride freely using the throttle without any regard for how far I can go in dirt with hills and rocks for 30 miles. I weigh 180 lbs. in gear. If it's windy, I mean really windy I have to consider that too. So the short answer is, it varies. Flat even paved ground in EP mode I have traveled 41 miles using judicious throttle. And believe me, your ass will be really sore after that long with the OEM seat. Trust me! From dead to a full battery takes 3 hours using the supplied 10 amp charger.  
  • I've read on forums that a lot of things need to be changed on the Sur Ron. What do you recommend?
    First off we will always read how people have changed/upgraded/improved this or that on any piece of gear. There are a wide variety of reasons for doing so. Sometimes it just 'feels cool' or our ego is satisfied when we purchase what others consider the best. I fell into that very trap years ago on all sorts of things. But experience has shown me that what is good for others is not necessarily good for me. My recommendation is to ride the bike first. Ride it in areas where YOU will be riding most often. Enjoy the bike, see how you like its performance. Then and ONLY then would you want to consider what to change, if that is anything at all! Sure it's great to post on forums (which I HATE and only post there to let people know of my site) your newest gear. But really what the fuck does that matter anyway? And on the private SR Facebook group I was on many people wanted to compare this bike the a KTM_xx or a Honda_yy. It's only human nature to try to compare what is 'known' to something new. I too did that when the iPad came out. And I'm old enough to remember before ATM cards existed. People 'FREAKED OUT' about that little device. So I guess my question is how do you compare an apple to an orange? They're both round and about the same size....enough said. Ride what you like to ride and then decide how you want to spend your money and time. I'm not going to recommend anything. The changes I've made to my own bike are for me, no one else.
  • Is the Sur Ron a bicycle or a motorcycle?
    Remember when there were only cell phones and laptops? And then Apple came out with the iPad line of tablets? It was not a cell phone and it was not a laptop. It fit right in between those devices. I view the Sur Ron much like I viewed the iPads when they first appeared. I thought to myself "What the hell would I use those things for? I have a phone and a laptop already." Well guess what? I cannot live without my iPad now for both pleasure and business. You will hear all sorts of opinions about whether the Sur Ron is this or that. Of all the two wheel vehicles I have ever owned, the Sur Ron is far and away the most fun hands down. No gas, no oil, just plug it into my household current when I get home and it's ready for my next ride.
  • I've never ridden a motorcycle, do you think I could ride a Sur Ron?
    Yes, if you can ride a bicycle then you will be able to ride a Sur Ron. Unlike ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) two wheelers, with the Sur Ron there is no transmission, no fluids like oil or gas. There's no shifting, in essence it's an automatic. There are only three controls:
    1. Throttle located on the right handlebar grip
    2. A front brake located on the right side of the handlebar
    3. A rear brake located on the left side of the handlebar
    That's it! What is so great about riding one of these compared to a motorcycle (or even a scooter) is the lack of weight. 110 pounds may feel heavy compared to a bicycle, but compared to even the lightest motorcycle or scooter, it's almost anorexic by comparison. The lack of weight along with the low seat height makes riding the bike a completely non intimidating experience for anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle or scooter.  
  • I'm not located in the USA, where can I buy a Sur Ron?
    I am unfamiliar with Sur Ron dealers in other countries
  • Why would I want a pedal kit?
    Well....first of all if you even think for one second that you will be able to pedal the bike with the pedal kit you cannot! I tried peddling the bike for 50 yards as hard as I could go and got up to a whopping 4MPH! So then I got off the bike and walked it for 50 yards and got up to 5MPH. And for detail weenies this was measured via GPS. I have the pedal kit so that I can ride on bike paths, on a sidewalk (only when needed) without ever being questioned by anyone. Now I don't ride like an asshole either going 45MPH when everyone else is going 0-15MPH. I always ride with the flow of traffic and slow down or stop when needed. I get pissed off when I see spandex riders blasting on a pedestrian/bike/disabled path thinking it's their own fucking racetrack.