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Solar Charging My Sur Ron

Yep going desert camping with Jackson now means I will run out of food and water, but never power.

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Disclaimer: I am not a Luna or Sur Ron employee or agent. I am an owner like everyone else.
There is no contact information on this site and I will not respond to email requests for information.
I will answer questions left in the comment areas when time permits.


  1. OK Mark, if you say so, but I don’t really believe that you would allow yourself to run out of SNACKS before you ran out of electrons. Maybe water. I am looking forward to how this solar inverter recharger works under full sunlight and overcast conditions.

    • Lol so true about the snacks! Yes I’m just at the begining of my testing. Today was just to verify that the pure sine wave output was consistent. Lots more to test. Very exciting for me taking the bike out to the Mohave. Never needing to get gas for my generator or ice since my solar refrigerator uses the same source. Lol

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