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Headlight – Fisher Fab House – Updated October 16 2019

Update October 16 2019

Thankfully I finally had the time to install my new Black FFH headlight! Work for me has been brutal lately, first world problem I know…. Anyway the FFH is now truly plug and play. They have installed an OEM plug unlike my prior light where I needed to splice the headlight into the OEM wiring harness. Same great quality, just a cooler color and plug and play.

The new black light comes all set to just plug and play!
Black mounting rings too.
Sorry but at this time Lucky Duck is NOT a FFH option…..

Update October 9 2019

Fisher Fab House now offers their Sur Ron 12v light in black! Same great light, just a new more stealthy color!!!

Original Post July 1 2019

Using two separate lenses on the FFH is quite clever and so effective in producing a fantastic light pattern!

While visiting Luna Cycle I contacted Josh from FFH to see if I could pick up one of his lights while I was in the LA area. He was kind enough to drop it off with one of the Luna staff so I brought it home with me and installed it. Later tonight I will be testing the light quality and the pattern, but based on his videos I’m sure I’ll be pleased.

These images are screen grabs from FFH’s Facebook video which shows the difference between the stock Sur Ron light and the FFH at 3200 lumens.

FFH’s example of the stock Sur Ron headlight’s illumination and pattern.
FFH’s example of the Ultra at 3200 lumen setting.

Installing the light is straightforward with some caveats. First the plugs supplied with the light are NOT simply plug and play with the Sur Ron plug harness for the stock light. I ran some tests to determine which color wires go with the FFH and the Sur Ron:

  • Blue to Red
  • Brown to Black

Connecting the wires in this manner allowed me to use the stock Sur Ron plug located under the ignition switch. Simply cut both connectors off of the stock head light and the FFH and join the wires as I’ve outlined above. (They include two crimping connectors, but I chose to solder the connections and shrink wrap them. It’s just my personal preference for all things electrical.) Then plug the stock connector into the wiring harness on the Sur Ron and you’re all set. I’d like to see FFH supply the correct connector to the Sur Ron in future editions.

The light is held with two milled aluminum 31.8mm brackets which are mounted on the handlebars. They’re well made, but I’d like to see the female receiver on the mount tapped into the bracket rather than using a lock nut. I have other mounts like this one and having one bolt rather than a bolt and a nut makes for a cleaner installation process. But the parts fit perfectly on the Sur Ron handlebars and I like the light being just a bit higher than stock. NOTE Josh let me know after reading this review that FFH had originally threaded the female side, but it could be cross threaded due to differing variations of 31.8mm bars, which would have the bolt enter at the wrong angle, hence their switch to a locking nut.

In the photo above I have highlighted the button used to activate and change the FFH’s power levels. You can also see the milled aluminum handlebar brackets which hold the light to the bike.

Unlike all of the other lights I own the FFH light uses what I call a ‘step less’ switch. Sure you have to press it to activate, but until you press the button, the light remains off. I much prefer this to the stock light which is always on; because there are times I don’t want to be seen from the front with a light I cannot control. This is a 3200 lumen light at its brightest setting, much brighter than the stock headlight. The reason I call it step less is based on FFH’s instructions:

“Your light has 5 separate modes which you activate using a single button. Select any mode by quickly tapping the desired number of times regardless of the current mode.

  1. Dim – 80 lm                 1 tap
  2. Bright – 770 lm           2 rapid taps
  3. Super – 2900 lm         3 rapid taps
  4. Ultra – 3200 lm         4 rapid taps
  5. Flashing – 770 lm      5 rapid taps
  6. Turn off                        Hold the button down for 2 seconds

FFH Ultra light features and functions

Our ultimate high power LED light for those of you who want to see and be seen. We built the 12 volt Ultra specifically for use on the Sur Ron and it’s capable of an ULTRA bright 3200 lumens.

Over the years of development we found that color spectrum was important. The Ultra 3200 uses 5000K CREE LED’s to give riders the best depth perception and visibility.

To get this much light in a small 6oz. package creates some heat so the light protects itself from overheating. If the light is in Super or Ultra mode and there’s not enough airflow it will automatically set itself to the Bright mode. Once there is enough airflow the light will go back to Super or Ultra.”

As an example if I’m in the Bright mode and want to go to the Ultra mode I rapidly press the button four times, not two which would be like other lights. There is no click or tactile feedback to the button press, so just be aware of that.

The light pattern of the FFH is just my cup of tea. Just like in cameras marketing people brag about megapixel count and in light it’s lumens. But so many lights I’ve used for my bikes have gigabillion lumen counts (marketing BS) but the pattern sucks because it’s pinpoint. I want a light pattern that is wide AND long in distance and the FFH has that in spades. I am so pleased to hear that Josh has taken into account the color temperature of the light 5000k, which is very close to the 5800k photographers like, sunlight! And it’s true the depth of field view is wonderful with his light. Bumps and irregularities are easily seen in the dark. The other element that pleases this photographer is one of the two lenses used in the FFH headlight is a Fresnel! I believe that is what he uses for the width portion of the light and the other lens is the more focused one for distance.

The following are my actual photos of the FFH at three different levels:

Bright 770 lumens
Super 2900 lumens
Ultra 3200 lumens
I’ve named my Sur Ron “Wall-E” because he looks so much like that character I could not help myself! LOL

The light pattern is both wide and deep which is something I so appreciate in a trail light. I can see why Luna has the FFH listed on their site. It’s a remarkable value at its current price point of 199.00 USD. I’m very happy to have purchased this light which is invaluable for night time trail riding. If you just want to be seen by traffic on the road, the stock Sur Ron head light is fine. But if you want a great headlight not just to been seen in traffic but to increase your trail night vision, buy the FFH. It’s really that well-made and designed. If you do order one, make sure to specify that it’s for a Sur Ron 12v bike.

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Disclaimer: I am not a Luna or Sur Ron employee or agent. I am an owner like everyone else.
There is no contact information on this site and I will not respond to email requests for information.
I will answer questions left in the comment areas when time permits.


  1. I love my FFH light. The brightness and optics work great for tight single-track and have enough long distance projection for faster riding (30 mph) down dirt roads. The new, pre-wired connector makes for a fast install. The controller design is brilliant. It’s the only light that I’ve ever used that readily allows you to switch to any brightness from any mode without cumbersome cycling through modes. I would prefer that it would turn on in the same setting that it was when the bike is turned off, but it is so easy to controll that I will get used to this nuance in it’s operation. Mark, thanks for sharing your findings and giving me the confidence to invest is this amazing light.

    • Hey Eli, I’m really happy you found the FFH light as valuable as I have. It’s not inexpensive, but the VALUE of the light is incredible. Designed and built by someone here in the US who owns and operates a small business is near and dear to my heart. Of course if the product is not excellent I would not have purchased one with my hard earned after tax dollars. I only post what has worked for me and not necessarily for others. We are all different with different needs. As a full time commercial photographer I’m a real bitch about light, its pattern and color temperature. And ALL of those things go into how effective the FFH light is in actual use.

      If you found the light valuable it feels great to support other small businesses who make great products. Thanks for letting me and others know you find the light amazing.

  2. I love the duck 😀

    • LOL Me Too!

  3. i really like how u attach that first aid pouch to ur handlebar, how did u do it ? i wish to do the same !!

    • I have since replaced the front First Aid pouch with a different approach. Use my search bar for “First Aid.”

      • yes, but i think having it in the front is a better idea and i ‘m asking what equipment (straps maybe?) u used to mount it, thanks

        • I used thick abs to make the first aid mount. Much better to use a handlebar bag.

  4. I finally ordered the light from Luna, and it arrived today. I honestly thought Luna had shipped the light in a separate package. This light is tiny. They need to place a nickel or a quarter next to the light on the webpage for perspective. I obviously have not tried it out yet, but I really dig the size. I installed a pair of carbon handle bars, and am completely redoing my “cockpit” area, and this light will be the icing on the cake. I appreciate your review, as it help be buy with confidence. Craig

    • Thanks Craig! Let us know your experience with the light for where you ride at night.

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