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Well as of March 14 2021 a whopping 12 people have taken my survey. Of those only 41% say they will pay a 4.99 monthly subscription. So after three years of offering free content in all likelihood I will take this site down at the end of March 2021. So say so long to the only site not driven by money, no ads, no YouTube subscribe money. It’s been fun, but I’m not about to keep it up for nothing.

I would like to determine how many visitors will be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee before putting in the time and effort to complete this subscription site. If not enough people are willing to subscribe or very few take this survey by March 31 2021 I will simply deactivate this site.

Thank you!

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An Immense



I’ve owned my Sur Ron for a year having received and assembled it on June 13 2018. I don’t use mine for commuting to and from work like some who do just that. Nope mine is for pure recreation and man what a joy it is to ride. 5600 fun filled miles to date and many, many more to come.

After a lifetime of owning loads of off road, on road and racetrack motorcycles this is far and away the most fun bike I’ve ever owned.


Kaniwaba Pedal Kit – Design Flaw March 24 2022

Update March 24 2022 I continued to experience a design flaw in the way the kickstand assembly attaches to the peg. The very small M3 screw is not robust enough
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Here is my article on tires written for Gritshift.
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Suspension Advice

I was hired to write an article on Sur Ron suspension for Gritshift.
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My Review on WebBikeWorld

I was hired to write an article about my experience with the Sur Ron.
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Almost Four Years and 8100 miles

I took delivery of my Sur Ron who I’ve named Jackson after the late Jackson Edwards. He convinced me to purchase mine sight unseen. Ordered in April of 2018 and
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Solar Charging My Sur Ron

Yep going desert camping with Jackson now means I will run out of food and water, but never power. For Site Subscribers
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Hello and welcome. I’m currently in the process of switching my site to a user subscription based site. Right now the subjects you can access are free to any visitor. So if you go to one of the links that cannot be accessed, those will be only available to paid subscribers.